Monday, February 16, 2015

South Lyon Photographer | Social Media Portraits for Professionals

I have recently had a lot of inquiries from clients wanting to have headshots done for professional networking sites, like LinkedIn.  Social media services, such as LinkedIn or BranchOut, have many benefits for the modern professional - keep in contact with old colleagues and friends, create new connections with others in your field, market yourself to prospective employers.

Your profile acts as your online resume; allowing potential employers to view your education, career history and skill set.  This is why it is so important to have a professional image for your profile - it allows an employer to put a face with the name.  Would you arrive to an interview dressed in sweats and sneakers?  No.  You would put for the effort in dressing nice and presenting yourself in a professional manner.  You should treat your profile with the same courtesy and take the time to upload a professional image versus a selfie taken with your cell phone.  Your image does make a difference and says a lot about your character and work ethic.

Professional head shots can be used for more than just social networking.  Here are a few additional things you can use your professional headshots for:

•  Use your image on your business cards
•  Strengthen your image or brand on your marketing materials
•  Create a profile page on your website
•  Add it to your email signature
•  Personalize your CV or resume
•  Update your image on the company directory
•  Attach your image to any articles you write
•  Include your image in corporate brochures
•  Political Campaigns - anything requiring an election
•  Press releases to the local press
•  Dating profiles - Match, eHarmony, etc.

Because the demand for this type of portrait session is increasing, I am now offering a "Social Media Portraits for Professionals" session.  This type of session is $75.00 (for a limited time) and will include up to 3 web-ready digital files of your choosing.  Sessions are held either indoor or outdoor (both if done at one general location). And clothing changes (up to 2 outfits) are optional.

Contact me today to book your session! | email {at} or telephone {at} 248.491.8388.

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