Friday, February 18, 2011

The Magic of Actions

I love finding new ways to edit my work. And the faster I can do an edit, the better! Actions have become a great way for me to customize the look of my shots without having to to do every editing step every time. Don't get me wrong, I still do a majority of my editing "hands on". But there are some steps that I do for every picture and an action helps save time; allowing me get my finished product to my customers faster.

Some actions used, I have created and others I have gotten from other photogs/professionals. One of the newest actions I have been working with is Mini Fusion from MCP Actions. It is a free action that MCP is giving away and what a difference it makes!

MCP Actions offers other free and for sale actions. I also love using their free Facebook Fix action for resizing my photos for online viewing. The re-sized images look just as crisp as the full-res images. It's a must have for anyone posting their work online!

If you'd like to try out MCP's Mini Fusion Action click here for your free download.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Kelly Moore Bag

I have been looking for a new camera bag for a very long time. There have been quite a few that I have come close to getting but for some reason or another, I held back. Maybe the bags I had been looking at before were not a right fit for me; size, functionality, long-term usage, etc. But I feel that I have finally found the right bag for me! It's part of the Kelly Moore Bag collection. The bags are stylish AND functional. Kelly even gives a video tutorial, on her site, to help you see how large the bags really are and what they are capable of holding. I am torn between two bags; the Juju Bag (walnut or muted teal) and the Classic Bag (grey). Hopefully one of these days I'll make up my mind.

We Have A Winner!!!


Shellie Feathers is the lucky winner of a free photo shoot. Shellie, please email me ( to schedule your session and discuss the details.

(numbers started at 3)

I would like to thank everyone for your support and participation in this giveaway. And since it is not as fun to lose, everyone that participated in the giveaway will receive 30% off their portrait purchases if you schedule a custom session by February 28. Your session does not have to be in the month of February, just scheduled. Contact me at if you would like to schedule a photo session.