Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet The Kennedy's

Every portrait session I do is completely different and unique - the families, the locations, the experience. Working with the Kennedy family was NOT an exception to this statement.

When the family contacted me for portraits, I asked my typical questions to find out about them. "What's your family dynamic?", "Is there anything I need to know about your kids?", "Are there certain topics that make your kids laugh", etc. The response was, "They really are just crazy fun loving kids. Love sports, and arm farts. So if you can do a mean arm fart and also take pictures we are sure to get big laughs!" I knew right then that this was a family I could not wait to work with!

From the very start of their shoot, the Kennedy's kept me smiling and laughing - when it should be ME making them smile and laugh! The kids ("A", "S", "T" & "H") were amazing! "A" had a chance to rock the arm farts - since my skills were definitely lacking! "S" not only had great posing ideas and locations, but she also made some of the best goofy faces. "T" was full of smiles and "H" was just as cute as can be. "Fun loving" was the perfect description for these guys.

I had such a great time shooting the Kennedy's session. This is a family that truly loves each other and enjoys life to it's fullest.