Thursday, February 12, 2015

South Lyon Family Photographer | 2015 Daddy Daughter Dance

Last Friday, my daughter awoke with as much excitement as she does on Christmas morning.  She burst into my bedroom, jumped onto the bed and exclaimed, "Mommy!  Do you know what day it is?! It's my date night with daddy!"  This is our second year participating in the Daddy Daughter Dance and we make it a big deal for our little girl.  She gets the whole princess treatment!  After all, this is little girl prom and her date is her one true knight in shining armor - Daddy!

Fast forward to the end of the school day and the kids are just getting home.  I quickly help my daughter change into a button down shirt, grab a snack and then whisk her away to her hair appointment at the salon.  We arrive at CO Reutter, in South Lyon, and Brittany starts creating a beautiful masterpiece fit for a little princess.  We return home, and I lightly apply some make-up to my daughter's already perfect face (only because she says she wants to feel beautiful and who am I to say no? I refuse to leave the house without applying at least some eyebrow pencil and mascara!).  Then I help her carefully slip into her dress, tights and ballet flats. Of course you know what comes next...paparazzi mommy!  I would be a poor excuse of a photographer if I did not capture sweet moments, like this, of my own family.  My husband presents our daughter with a beautiful corsage that compliments her dress and then whisks her off for their special "date night" dinner; followed by dancing to songs like "My Girl" and "Gangnam Style".  The two of them came home a few hours later, my daughter bursting at the seams to tell me all the details of their evening.  I am so happy for her. I absolutely love that she gets to have these memories forever.

What did I do while she and my husband were gone?  Having my own date night with my favorite little man, my son!  We dined on the finest foods Taco Bell has to offer.  Then came home and battled zombies and creepers on Minecraft.  Ending our evening with cherry pie ala mode for dessert.  I would say "Date Night" was a success for all!

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