Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Worst Photoshoot EVER!

The sole purpose of a photographer, in my opinion, is to capture the moment so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. But what if that moment is so horrific that you'd rather block the experience from your memory rather than relive it through pictures? It's my job to make a photoshoot fun and carefree so that the clients are easier to capture. So what happens when you, the photographer, are the client and the moments you are trying to capture are your rambunctious children who will not sit still or listen and are absolutely NOT in the mood for photos? Today, I seriously considered booking someone else to shoot my kids (with a camera - even though a gun was starting to sound appealing). But what kind of photographer would I be if I was not up to the challenge of my own children? Normally both of my children are very photogenic and eager for their picture to be taken. Cole, my almost 3-year-old, has never been camera shy a day in his life and today bribes of cookies wouldn't even get him to flash me those pearly whites. As for Carlin, my 13-month-old, I knew better than to expect her to cooperate too much. But she wouldn't even sit still and look at me for 3 seconds so I could taker her picture. She was way too preoccupied and destructive with her new enviornment. Luckily I got a few individual shots. Hopefully I can get a group shot in a few days.


Alicia said...

Group shots are the hardest. These are adorable!

Amy said...

Thanks Alicia! I need to do their photos again soon. I'm going to have to enlist some help with them! :)