Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Kelly Moore Bag | A Review

It's been a little over a year since I purchased my Libby Bag from Kelly Moore Bags and what more can I say besides...I LOVE IT!  This bag holds a ton of equipment!  I can carry my camera body, 5 lenses, tablet, extra memory cards and batteries, personal items (so as to not carry a purse on a shoot) and still have left over room to store a few more things.  I have dragged this bag all over the Detroit area and it still looks like I just took it out of the box.  With all of that equipment, the bag can become a little heavy at times, but it is not unbearable.  This bag distributes its weight pretty evenly and the cushioned shoulder pad on the strap really helps with this. I had been concerned with carrying such a large bag at my hip, but I have found that it fits in place perfectly.

As for customer service, Kelly Moore Bags does NOT disappoint.  When I first received my Libby Bag, one of the zipper tabs had broke right off.  I suspect it was an issue with soldering.  I contacted customer service right away and provided pictures of the issue.  They responded within a few minutes and apologized for the issue.  With no questions asked, they shipped me out a new bag right away and I had it within a few days.  They also paid to have the "defective" bag shipped back to them.  In this day and age, customer service is not what it used to be.  Sadly, wonderful experiences such as this are too few and far between.  So thank you!

I really can not think of a single negative things to say about Kelly Moore's Libby Bag or the customer service her company exudes.  When investing in a bag for your equipment, you really should give The Libby (or any of her other amazing bags) a try.  It provides protection and ease of transport for most (if not all) of your equipment in style.  So say "goodbye" to those drab and manly black camera bags and say "hello" to a new colorful bag that reflects your own style.

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