Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello Portraits! It's Been a While...

Tomorrow is my first photo session, involving people, in long time. I'm kind of nervous but also very excited. In preparation for tomorrow, i went scouting for new shooting locations Friday. I found a few really cool spots. On of which was on the property of a winery. There are a row of trees on one side and on the other side of the trees is a hay field with old style irrigation. I'm so excited about this location. It has TONS of potential. However, I'm not using it for tomorrow. I'm going to be selfish and do my family's portraits there first. For tomorrow, I'm taking my clients to a residential neighborhood that's out in the country. There is a railroad track that runs near it and also a lot of tall green grasses. I think it'll be a great site! And, if time permits, I'll take them to another site near by. This one has a wooden corral style fence with tons of cool tumbleweed, sagebrush and other desert plants behind it. I just happened upon it while driving around and was highly amazed that this fabulous setting was next to the road! Hopefully tomorrow blesses me with good natural lighting, creative mental imagery, and knowledge to work my camera and settings.

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